SoccoFobia 3.0

Play like a soccer pro in this improved version of the soccer-meets-dodgeball game Soccofobia.
Avoid the balls and collect the golden soccer players.

Version 2 (actually 2.4 by now) includes difficulty settings, powerups and challenge mode and with v2.4 the screen AND playing field are substantially larger, giving you more room to evade those dodgy balls.

Version 3.0 features a new design, some tweeks to the game play, an even larger playing field and, most importantly, a new way to move the player. You now control the player with the mouse. If you prefer the old style you can still switch back to keyboard control in the options menu.

Soccofobia is a game for everyone, whether you like soccer or not. You're in control of a soccer players whose main task it is to avoid contact with the evil soccer balls at all cost.
Meanwhile try to collect the letters to complete the names of the Golden Soccer Players (hand picked by Pelé himself).
Get extra points by collecting the letters, get extra lives by completing the names and use powerups to boost speed, get protection or freeze your balls (!). You can pick from three difficulty levels or try one of the six challenges.

Oh, and don't bother about trying to score a goal, at some point the ball will find the net all by itself.

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