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When working with POV-ray I often ran into situations where a simple utility would be helpful.
For instance, to create flexible text in a POV-scene I wrote SoftText. You can read more about that on the dedicated page.
Download SoftText.

Some other small tools I frequently use:

Bumper plays a sequence of BMP-files. This gives you a quick preview of an animation.
* V1.2 supported BMP, TGA, JPG, GIF and PCX.
* V1.3 now also supports PNG and some other formats.
* V1.3b has a bug fixed so a sequence may now start at 0.
* V1.4 has flicker free animation.
* V1.5 has some problems with PNG support fixed.
* v1.6 can stretch animations to fit the window.
* v1.7 trackbar added for stepping through a sequence.
Download Bumper.

SinCos is a program to remind you how a sinus-wave looks like. It also has some other functions with sinus/cosinus-combinations which makes it into a tiny wave-selecter.
Download SinCos.

ImBrowza is a simple imagebrowser. I added it to my tools-menu to browse through previously rendered images.
Download ImBrowza.

insideout ImagInc turns an image into an INC file so you can use the RGB-data for meshes, blobs or many other things (like curved heightfields - see example to the right).
Here is a short tutorial to use ImagInc to make an image like the ring in the image to the right.
Download ImagInc.

POView lets you browse and compare rendered files. You can open a scene file and POView will try to locate the rendered image, or you can open an image file and POView will look for a POV file by the same name. Scene and image are displayed next to each other. This way you can open several images, to compare testrenders for instance.
Supported image file formats are BMP, TGA and PNG.
Download POView .

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