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Computer Antiquity Game Encyclopedia

The C.A.G.E. is dedicated to the small computergames of the past.

It is a constantly growing collection of documentations on these games,
combining screen shots (where possible), some technical data
and the names of the gameprogrammers who mostly worked alone or in small teams.

There is no full explanation yet of the structure or system of the C.A.G.E.
but you can take a look at some remarks at this page.
Any comments are welcome at the address below.

There are four indexes to the CAGE:

The Games Index All the games are listed here
The Games Index The games listed by their full titles
The Makers Index All the programmers and their games
The Categories Index The games, listed by category.
If your connection can handle it you can also take a peek at:
The Screen Index A colourful patchwork of screenshots from all the games.

These pages (c) by Remco de Korte - Soft Machine 1997-2000

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